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 181 - 183 Bromsgrove  Road,
 West Midlands.
 B62 0JU

Tel: 01562 711114
Mob: 07936 934497

Balmoral UK Ltd - Rolls Royce & Bentley Independent Specialists
Balmoral UK - Maintenance Contract for Rolls-Royce & Bentley

Bentley EightOur In-House Maintenance Contract has had an overwhelming response from new owners. It is not underwritten by anInsurance Company giving us total control and the client total peace of mind.

The Maintenance Contract is renewable and 90% of owners have continued to enjoy the benefits after their first year.

Please note that this is not a mechanical breakdown insurance policy.

For further information please contact Alan Ledington. Or call us on 01562 711114.


Valves, springs and guides, camshaft and bearings, brake pump push rods and housing, induction manifold, oil pump and pick up, timing gears, rocker shafts, tappets, crankshaft and bearings, connecting rods, pistons, engine mountings and manufacturer fitted turbo units.

Propeller Shaft/Drive Shafts
Propeller shaft, drive shafts and universal joints.

Hydraulic Brakes
Hydraulic pumps, accumulator valve, reservoirs, distribution valve, deceleration conscious valves, calipers and height control valves, priority valve, minimum pressure valve, anti-lock modulator valve assembly and sensors.

Final drive cross member, torque arm, front and rear sub frames and dampers.

Final Drive Unit
Final drive gears and bearings.

Fuel System
Tank, fuel pumps, carburettors, fuel valves and air silencer, fuel metering unit, throttle body accumulator.

Cooling System
Radiator, expansion tank, coolant pump, viscous drive unit and fan.

Electrical System
Coil, distributor and electronic ignition. Instruments, transmitters, warning lamps and buzzers, wiper motor and linkage, washer motors and pumps, central door locking solenoids and switches, horns, cigar lighters, mirrors, switches and relays, alternator, alternator control unit, starter motor and solenoid, speedometer and signal generator, speed control bellows unit, electronic speed control unit and switch, seat switches, motors and actuators, gear change switch and actuator, window lift assembly, fuel door switch and solenoid, electrical cooling fan, convertible hood motor and pump, seat heating units, lumbar support mechanism motor, seat memory unit, park brake release motor.

Air Conditioning
Compressor, expansion valve, suction throttling valve and heater tap, heater matrix, condensor unit and evaporator matrix, fan motors and ACU electrical components.

Power Assisted Steering
Steering column, steering rack, steering pump, cooler and pipes, track rods and joints.

Exhaust System
Exhaust manifold.

Torque convertor, gears, clutches, brake bands, valve block, oil pump, governor, bearings, bushes, modulator valve and oil cooler.

Body Components
Door locks, bonnet catch, boot lock and associated hinges.

Casings, provided they have been damaged by a failure of one of the parts listed above.

Further terms and conditions

All other parts whether mechanical, electrical or otherwise which are not listed as covered are specifically excluded under the terms of the Contract are oil leaks, Gaskets, lubricants and filter elements../*

The Maintenance Contract is based on 12,000 miles or 12 months which ever is the sooner.
The owner is responsible for the cost of general maintenance including scheduled services at 6,000 miles or 6 months which ever is the sooner and routine adjustments as recommended by Balmoral and all replacement parts and assemblies and other materials used in such maintenance, scheduled services and adjustments

Registered Office: Balmoral UK Cars Ltd,
Bromsgrove Road, Hunnington, Halesowen, West Midlands, B62 OJU
Telephone: 01562 711114
Email: sales@balmoraluk.com

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