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Balmoral UK Ltd - Rolls Royce & Bentley Independent Specialists
Balmoral UK - Customer Comments

Balmoral UK,

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who worked on my Corniche this past week.

On the drive home it was running better than I ever remember. I could have happily kept on driving all afternoon, it was such a pleasure to feel it running at it's best.

And as for the bodywork/paint shine it looked like it had come straightout of the R-R showroom (or maybe better).

You all did a great and I very much appreciate it.

R. Barrett, Shropshire.
February 2020

Dear Alan

I have just returned to the office having visited you to look at an engine management warning light – which appears fine and fixed and my thanks to you and Andy.

The purpose of this mail is to repeat my thanks not only for the prompt attention to the car but with no charge.

I will sing the praises of your garage as often as I can!!!

My sincere thanks for good old fashioned “proper” service!

S. Beckett, West Midlands.
March 2019

Hi Alan

Just a belated email to thank you and your team for sorting out the Bentley S2.

As you know, the car has been to various 'experts' and also one of your competitors. None have sorted it as well as Balmoral.

The car is in the best shape it has been since new - it starts first time, accelerates strongly, handles well and stops well. Thanks to the halogen headlight conversion, I can see better than a modern car at night and the electric fan cools the car even in the heaviest modern traffic.

Thanks again, the car is now a real gem and practical in modern traffic. I will certainly be bringing the Rolls Royce in next!

I. Mulingani, Warwickshire.
June 2018

Hi Alan

Back in Ireland safe and sound. The car never missed a beat on our journey, must say it's a fabulous car in all respects. I must thank you and your staff for the wonderful service I received. I will look after the car while in my care. Once again I must thank you.

J. Kennedy, Ireland.
February 2018

Hello Alan

I've picked my car up today and are so surprised by what I found! A spotless gleaming bentley running to what I class as perfection you really have done a great job so are just presenting this e mail as a thank you I also have to comment on the expertise of your mechanic he is so knowledgable about these cars yet is also gifted in explaining in layman terms the problems with the car A big thumbs up from me and again thank you so much because of you I can now experience a Bentley.

J. Oakes, West Midlands.
March 2017

Hello Alan and the team.

How do you improve on 110% service because that's what you gave me when I asked you to look for an Arnage, the one you found for me was superb in every way the service was excellent throughout the purchase and what a car even to the two bottles of champagne in the cars fridge. Once again many thanks from a new loyal customer.

B. Kilburn, Worcestershire.
September 2016

Dear Alan,

I am writing to thank you and everyone at Balmoral UK for supplying me with such a fine example of a Bentley Arnage. The car is running and driving beautifully and I am thoroughly enjoying owning it.

I would just like to say what an outstanding serivce you all have provided to me when I purchased, in my opinion, a wonderful Bentley Arnage. I searched the country for a long time looking for my perfect example. I travelled over 100 miles to Balmoral UK to meet Alan. He met me on a Sunday (out of hours) to show me the best I had seen. I am fussy and I gave Alan a list of extras I wanted doing and when I picked up the car the following week everything had been carried out perfectly.

I will take the car to Balmoral for all servicing and repairs. I am overjoyed with the car and cannot wait to drive it on the weekends.

Dealing with you and everyone at Balmoral has been an enjoyable and satisfying experience which in turn adds greatly to the enjoyment of the car.

I. Gorst, Lancashire.
March 2016

I was pleased to have the car returned yesterday. The illumination when reversing is much improved and I am sure it will help manoeuvring in the dark in busy hotel car parks. I am hoping when I drive up to Darlington next week to find that the wind noise is also less apparent.

Huw has just called by with a replacement key ring. I would like to say how much I appreciate this level of service from Balmoral.

M. Garner, West Midlands.
February 2016

Dear Alan,

As you know it has been six years since I purchased my Silver Seraph from you.

What has impressed me from the outset was your advise on the purchase of a Rolls Royce motor car and not the pushy sell.

During the six years I have found the regular servicing of my car to be first class. With attention given to the smallest detail.

I would recommend anyone thinking of owning a Bentley or Rolls Royce to talk to Balmoral UK.

PS. The recent leather restoration work has been well done, I am very happy with the results.

R.A. Hadley, Worcestershire.
July 2015

Hi Alan,

Just a short email to say Thank you to you and your staff. My car drove home great and looked fantastic. Very pleased and should I need anything else will be in contact with Balmoral with out hesitation.

M. Dolman, Staffordshire.
July 2015

Thank you again for your attention to my Arnage and for delivery to my home.

I am pleased to report that my trip to Surrey and back on Saturday (about 220 miles) was without incident; the car ran extremely well, with immediate throttle response and smooth acceleration throughout the range. Please give my compliments to those who worked on her.

M. Stephens, Warwickshire.
July 2015

Dear Alan,

I am writing to thank you, and everyone at Balmoral UK for supplying us with such a fine example of a Continental R. The car is running and driving beautifully and I am thoroughly enjoying owning it.

I much appreciate the work done on the car to present it to me in such excellent condition which was above my best expectation.

Dealing with you and everyone at Balmoral has been an enjoyable and satisfying experience which in turn adds greatly to the enjoyment of the car.

It is a testimony to your approach to the work that my fussy petrol head club members could not find any fault with the car!

Thank you also for sending me a tin of touch up paint and 'Bentley' badges for the key remotes.

Best wishes to you and all at Balmoral UK.

R. Grant, Aberdeen.
September 2014

Dear Alan and team,

I would just like to say what an outstanding service you all have provided to me when I purchased, in my opinion, a wonderful Bentley Anarge. I searched the country for six weeks and walking away disappointed from the seller trying to sell me a car that was sub standard ie poorly serviced, poor condition etc I travelled 100 miles to Balmoral UK to meet Steven, Alan's son. He met me on a Sunday (out of hours) to show me the best I had seen. I am fussy and I gave Steven a snag list and when I picked up the car the following week everything had been carried out perfectly.

I will take the car to Balmoral for all servicing and repairs. I am overjoyed with car and can not wait to drive it on the week ends.

R. Cutting, Hampshire.
August 2014

Thanks Alan for all your assistance and professionalism in the purchase from Balmoral of the Arnage.

The car was presented in immaculate condition with all the items on my ‘snagging list’! dealt with and an absolute joy to drive on the 100 mile home trip.

C. Coventry, Hertfordshire.

Dear Mr Ledington

I have driven the Rolls on several occasions since it was returned.

I am pleased to say she now drives perfectly, and is a pleasure, along with all things hydraulic!

My thanks and appreciation to you and your team for the work involved.

F. Baldwin, West Midlands.

Dear Alan,

Thank you.

I was very reassured by the thoroughness of your attention to the service of my Bentley Arnage Red Label and your efforts to resolve the negligence of the main dealer who has been servicing it since it was originally sold some 10 years ago and for my own part, over the last three years.

I have invested considerable time and effort and money working with the main dealer to try and maintain the car and it transpires that even the most fundamental and basic areas have been overlooked, indeed, on each visit, it has been suggested that I part exchange the car for a new one.

I will be recommending you, and your business, from now on.

I greatly enjoyed my drive back; testament to the work and effort that your team has performed and thank you for that.

A. Motley, Gloucestershire.

Dear Alan,

I would like to thank you and your team for the levels of service, advice, and friendship since I became a customer in August 1998, with the 1st purchase of a Bentley Mulsanne S, followed by a Bentley Turbo R 1991, and then a Bentley Turbo R 1996 some 6 years ago.

When the time came to sell my Turbo R, you very kindly took on the task of finding it a new home, and this you did, in a very courteous way, ensuring the purchaser, and I had a fair deal, for which I thank you.

I do hope that in the very near future I can become a customer again, with a Bentley Arnage or even a Rolls-Royce.

You even found time to look after our Black Labrador Brookland, when he was a puppy, as well as always making a fuss of him, when he came to visit.

I am more than happy to recommend your services to anyone I meet who is looking for Rolls-Royce and Bentley for sales, service, advice etc.

Mr & Mrs S. Malek, Worcestershire.

Dear Alan,

The journey back to Amsterdam was perfect / splendid (except for the weather ... constant downpour) ... I must have set a record in speed and time for the distance of your dealership - I drove off at 11.30am - to Folkestone! I arrived in Amsterdam at 23.00 hours.

But more important ... the Wraith drove like the proverbial "smooth as silk"...

The next morning I have dropped off the car at www.brabocars.com, my Rolls Royce garage in The Netherlands ... to have the car prepared for technical inspection by the Dutch authorities prior to official importation. My contact at Brabocars showed his sincere appreciation for the Wraith and told me ... I had done a nice deal meaning "You did not overpay for this car." ...

The Wraith is still at Brabocars ... I am planning to pay them a visit tomorrow to check in person on their progress. It was a pleasure meeting you and my congratulations on your dealership / garage... as they say "The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating!"...

You are a kind person and ... not a "car salesman" at all! After the Wraith is on Dutch plates and after I have some more experience with it ... I will write you again ... I have read the testimonial chapter on your site - in total - and ... IT WORKS! I am a businessman myself and the best promotion for your business and reputation is by ... "Word of Mouth". Once Again ... Thanks.

R. Van Zwol, Amsterdam.

It was a surprise: when looking for spare parts for my Jag something transported me back and I remembered myself being 6 or 7 years old and drawing a Rolls Royce grill, and the curved lines of the 1961 Silver Cloud II.

Years passed and I continued to love classic English cars. The day came when I could finally afford a much sought 1990 Daimler 4.0. Time has gone by since and now, in the days when retirement is around the corner, when a child’s dreams can come true and after 36 long years of flying as a professional pilot, seeing the RR badge on the imposing engines of my plane every day, Balmoral U.K., crossed my way - with Alan at the forefront of what was to become a life-long dream come true.

It was a 1996 Royal Blue Silver Spirit, not curved at all, boxy, but the real and last true Rolls Royce inviting me to realise my child-fantastic world.

I received a highly professional, friendly and distinguishable service – something difficult to come about now a days - from Alan in my first trip from Spain and throughout the duration of the transaction. I immediately fell in awe with the Silver Spirit as when I was a young boy the first time I saw her. All in all with Balmoral and Alan’s attention to detail and with his experience I was smoothly and pleasantly guided into the particular world of Rolls Royce ownership.

Three weeks passed in which Alan and the Balmoral team serviced the car fully and prepared all the papers for her export. I have to thank Alan for a job very well done, his patience with all my requirements imposed by the E.U. and for an overall 5-star and highly recommendable service and business.

On a cloudy day the Royal Blue new Silver Spirit III left the Balmoral U.K. premises heading to Plymouth and Spain, with its new owner and his youngest son.

Thanks a lot Alan and Balmoral team.

M.M. Armagnac, Madrid.

Dear Alan,

It is now two years since I first came to see you pursuing a dream of owning a Rolls Royce.

I just had to write to say that I have always found you and your staff to be very friendly, polite and extremely helpful. Your company, Balmoral UK Ltd, is a credit to the motor trade and I would have no hesitation in recommending you.

I came to you after visiting other dealers that I found far less helpful than you. As you are aware I am a wheelchair user so life was a little more complicated for you with conversions to the car, VAT issues etc.

From our initial meeting, I was impressed with your knowledge and experience of the Rolls Royce motor car. Nothing was too much trouble and I felt very welcome.

The car supplied, Silver Spirit III, has been a joy to own with only minor issues sorted out by yourselves with little inconvenience or hassle.

I waited a long time to own a Rolls Royce, and finally having got to the point of being in a position to do so, have found the experience nothing short of GREAT, aided by a company that cares about the cars they supply and the customers to whom they are supplied.

Thank you for the recent service and please find enclosed a cheque to cover the work carried out.

Again thank you and your staff for a friendly and professional service.

G. Smith, Cambridge.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your email, I was very pleased to come back to Balmoral in the hope of acquiring a further Bentley motor car from yourselves as I am sure you will recall I am very pleased with my "Eight" you have kept to your reputation and delivered a cracking example of the Eight series car.

I understand your ethos in not wishing to retail my green Turbo R and there are no hard feelings on my part at all so please do not feel you have offended me in any way, I enjoyed my day out and meeting your sons and yourself talking Bentley shop.  I am sure we will do business in the future as I am always looking at your website and keeping my ears to the ground, I was not sure if the silver car was the right one for me so I will keep on looking to see what you may have in the coming months.

Please do feel free to contact me if you are likely to obtain a car that you feel I might enjoy, I have made the decision that Balmoral will be the providers of my cars of the make Bentley in the future and thank you for taking the time to see me on Saturday.

S. Howitt, North Yorkshire.

Hi Alan,

Just a short note to thank you for taking the hassle out of buying my first Bentley, it was truly a pleasure to do business with you.

Now that we have driven the Bentley for about two months, I can honestly say that the car is better than I expected, it is a beauty, admired by everyone that sees it.

When the Bentley is due for its first service I intend to drive it down to Balmoral and have three to four days holiday in the area at the same time.

My sincere thanks again to you and your team for the way you all looked after us so well when we visited you in October.

Mr & Mrs D. Gallacher, Aberdeen.

After the purchase recently of our second car, a Rolls Royce Silver Spur, from you we feel we wish to say how delighted we are with both the car & the personal advice, input & support which Balmoral cars give to their customers. We have been very satisfied with our Bentley Turbo R which we purchased 2 years ago from Alan. We continue to recommend Alan Ledington & all the staff at Balmoral UK, not only for purchasing your Rolls Royce or Bentley but also the servicing & after sales care of your special car.

Tom & Enid Fryer, Derbyshire.

Dear Alan,

Just to thank you for all of your help to our family this year as in every year. Take care and all the best for 2007.

A. Hayward, Guernsey.

Dear Mr Ledington,

Following my purchase from you of a Silver Spirit last month, I now wish to put on record my thanks for finding this car for me. It exactly suits my needs.

You had told me that it had covered a very low mileage, and when I first saw it on your premises my impression was that it was in very good condition. Now that I have had it for one month and had time to examine it in detail and use it for work and pleasure, I find that it is quite immaculate overall, and in truely "as new" Show Room condition.

As you know, this is not my first RR car. My previous Silver Shadow (which I owned from 1984) had been serviced by your engineers to keep it in full order up to its 214,000 miles when I handed it over to you. My many and regular trips in this Silver Shadow to the north of Scotland were a joy to me. Time and again you and your engineers demonstrated to me the great encyclopaedic knowledge which you have of RR cars of all ages.

Over the years, as I have visited Balmoral UK to have my Silver Shadow serviced, I have wandered around and seen many outstanding cars in your showroom but the quality of this Silver Spirit, in all respects, is quite astonishing, which is why I write to you now.

I have never hesitated to recommend your services to friends and others, and certainly will continue to do so.

Thanks again to you and your engineers for you wise counsel on all "RR" matters.

A. Craig, Solihull.

Hi Alan,

This is just a quick line to say thanks for sorting out the bits on the Continental R. You made the purchase process and what followed a painless experience. I've no doubt my next one, whatever it may be, will be purchased from Balmoral.

Will you please pass on my thanks to Craig for facilitating its return when I myself was tied up with work.

Thanks again,

T. Small, Manchester.

Dear Alan,

It is now just over 12 months since I purchased my Bentley Brooklands R from you in October 2004. Over the years I have owned several Bentley/Rolls-Royce cars which I have purchased from main Official Dealers and Specialist Dealers like yourself. As like most people who buy cars from Dealer I have had both good and bad experiences with most of them. However I must say that of all the Dealers I have dealt with you and your Company stand out from the majority of them.

There are several aspects to be considered when purchasing a used vehicle, such as - part exchange allowance, preperation of the vehicle being purchased, genuine warranty's with no hidden small print, service back up with fully trained staff and equipment, and last but not least dealing with honest sincere people.

In my experience I feel that you have achieved all of the above points, and I would like to thank you for supplying me with a superb vehicle and giving me the service and back up that is so rare these days.

If at any time in the future I should decide to up date my present car, rest assured you will be my first port of call. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company, keep up the good work.  

R. A. Poulton, Bedfordshire.

I have over several years purchased from Balmoral a 1979 Silver Shadow saloon, a 1969 Rolls- Royce Mulliner Park Ward two door car and subsequently a 1998 Bentley Brooklands Mulliner saloon.  Each of these cars have provided me with unique driving pleasure - all were superbly presented by Balmoral, subsequently after purchase the vehicle service and support  was of a very high standard. The company also offer an excellent warranty protection that alleviates the worry of large repair costs on older vehicles.Over the years I have found this very useful on annual services of my cars.   Allied to this Alan Ledington and his colleagues have a real love and enthusiasm for the marque combined  with deep and extensive knowledge of these vehicles. When I had some restoration work and enhancement made to my first two Rolls-Royces this was invariably done to a superb level of finish that simply could not be faulted and more than met Rolls- Royce standards. I found Alan Ledington's advice to be invariably accurate. Above all he is always honest with regard to costs and his judgement on these vehicles and how best to preserve them is outstanding.     
Overall the level of personal customer care I have experienced at Balmoral can be best described as a team commitment to excellence and person centred service that is total and this is a spirit that pervades the entire operation. If you are looking to purchase a good quality Rolls-Royce or Bentley I cannot recommend Alan Ledington and his team too highly.  
Dr H. Booton, Edinburgh.


Thank you for helping me to fulfill my dream. I am enjoying the experience and with your support, long may it continue.

M. Mellor, Cannock.

Dear Alan

Thank you for your kind assistance , I have purchased an alternative vehicle , I would like to compliment you on your excellent service & follow up . Your cars are also top  quality .  I have a friend moving to the U.K  I have recommended he looks you up before he buys his car.

D. Boden, Australia.

Dear Alan,

I would just like to say that the service I have received from you and the Balmoral team has been exceptional. Nothing appears to be too much trouble, the quality of the cars on offer is superb and I look forward to the vehicle servicing being the same.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you.
Many thanks.

B. Henderson, Lancashire.

Dear Alan,

A quick word to say how pleased we are with the Bentley and your handling of paperwork etc. made everything so easy. Many thanks.

J.A. Mealor, Gloucestershire.

Dear Alan,

The quality of the service that Balmoral UK provides never fails to impress me. As well as the quality of the work on the car, all the staff I have dealt with have been extremely courteous; very rare these days. It is also a positive pleasure to speak to Tony and the others in the workshop about the cars.

T. Randle, Worcestershire.
December 2003

When I was looking for a Rolls-Royce, I was impressed by the excellent condition of the cars offered for sale and the courtesy shown to me. Since acquiring my car from Balmoral I have been very pleased with the standard of after sales service.

M. Hall, Derbyshire.
February 1997

After Extensive enquiries and investigation all over the UK, I purchased my Bentley Turbo R from Balmoral UK. This being my first purchase of this marque I found Mr Alan Ledington and his staff very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous at all times.

A. Davies, South Wales.
February 1997

I called at Balmoral UK when passing some three years ago just to look at the display of cars having no intention to purchase. I was treat with utmost courtesy although I explained that I was not in the market place and the meeting did change my mind. I did purchase a few months later from a garage who had taken one in part exchange. Balmoral went and inspected the car at a very modest fee and negotiated a good price for me. Balmoral have since serviced my Rolls-Royce giving good value for money and excellent service.

D.F.L. Harrison, Shropshire.
February 1997

Thank you to Alan and all the staff at Balmoral U.K. for the professionalism, thoughtfulness and courteous way in which you conduct your business. A pleasure to do business with you.

E. Fryer, Derbyshire.

If approached by 'Which' magazine and was asked would I purchase my Bentley from a Company I have never heard of (Balmoral UK) I would say No! But after speaking to Alan and his team and seeing their operation I would have to say Yes! P.S. I did purchase my Bentley Turbo R from Balmoral and I go as far to say, this has been the best Bentley I have ever owned.

J. Bowen, Lancashire.

It was my life-time's ambition to own a Rolls-Royce, when I first started to search for my car I found it was very difficult to understand which model of Rolls-Royce I should have. I came across Balmoral from one of their adverts and after visiting their showroom and meeting all the staff, I purchased my life-time ambition. I would recommend this experience to anyone.

B. Beard, Leicestershire.

They live and breathe Rolls-Royce. The personal service is excellent.

J.J. Morris, Worcestershire.

They made the financial pain to restore my Bentley a pleasure. I strongly recommend the experience.

K. Barritt, West Midlands.

Registered Office: Balmoral UK Cars Ltd,
12 Northbrook Close, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR3 8BP
Telephone: 01562 711114
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